Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ages is Elite Vocal Academy for?
A: Elite Vocal Academy is geared for students in grades 10-12th. I do accept the exceptional 9th grader and students that have graduated who want to take a year or two to prepare for college.

Q: Does Elite Vocal Academy accept Male & Female students?
A: Yes! Enrollment is based on student’s ability to apply the information taught. Male applicants should have successfully managed their vocal change and be firmly planted in their new vocal range.

Q: What should I sing for my audition to Elite Vocal Academy?
A: If you know an art song, English or a Foreign Language is best. If you don’t know and art song, you can sing a hymn, a choir song, or a classical musical theater song to audition.

Q: How hard is the audition to Elite Vocal Academy?
A: It is so easy and nothing to be worried about. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know, including how to audition. The audition/interview is just to make sure that you are vocally & mentally prepared for the intensity of the academy. It gives me a chance to get to know your voice before we start so that I know what class to put you with and what songs to pick for your private lesson.

Q: Can I participate in Elite Vocal Academy for only 1 year?
A: Yes! Even though Elite Vocal Academy is a two year program to receive the full training and benefit, you’ll receive so much more intense training in one year of Elite Vocal Academy than you would in traditional lessons. I realize that some students may only have a year to commit to it, such as seniors in High School.

Q: What should I wear to my audition?
A: Wear something nice. Boys – slacks and a button up shirt and Girls – dress or skirt with a nice blouse.

Q: Is an accompanist provided for the audition?
A: If you know someone who can accompany you, that would be best. If you do not, don’t fret, Julie can play almost anything.

Q: Can I sing my song acapella for my audition?
A: No. It’s important for me to know if you can keep rhythm and pitch, so you need to sing along with the piano or an accompaniment track.

Q: What are all the vocal styles that will be taught in Elite Vocal Academy?
A: Classical, (including Italian, German, French & English Art Songs) Musical Theater, (including belt and more traditional musical theater), Jazz, & Religious.

Q: Do you teach pop?
A: As a general rule I do not cover pop singing in Elite Vocal Academy, mainly because it is not a useful genre in learning the production of & healthy vocal techniques of proper singing. I am able to help a student prepare for a pop performance in private lessons if required.

Q: Are all the books for the year required at the beginning of the year?
A: No. I actually send out a schedule with the times that we will start using the different books. You just need to have the books when we use them in the Academy.

Q: Can I use a stand other than the Peak Performance stand?
A: Absolutely! It just needs to be sturdy enough to hold your books, portable and the bottom of the stand needs to be protected in order to not scratch my wood floor.

Q: Can I pick some of my songs?
A: In your private lessons there is the opportunity to pick some of your songs, as long as they are songs that fit your voice and will help you to grow vocally.

Q: If I have an audition coming up for something, or a place I am performing at, can we use some of my private lesson to prepare for that?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Will Elite Vocal Academy prepare me to take the AP Theory Test?
A: No. Elite Vocal Academy gives students the foundational principles of Theory. After Elite Vocal Academy you will be prepared for the Advanced Levels of Theory taught in college.