Prep Academy

Prep Academy was designed for the beginner vocalists (8th-10th graders) who aspire to be accepted into the rigorous Elite Vocal Academy program. In Prep Academy the student will begin their private vocal experience learning the foundations of singing, music, performance & the elementals of how to practice to succeed. Instruction is delivered in a fun and nurturing fashion.

Students receive instruction on the basics in the following areas:

Vocal Technique – including how to use the vocal chords correctly, how to relax and shape the body for best vocal sound, correct posture & breathing, gaining strength and stamina to execute proper phonation and vocal consistency, and how to phrase a song.

Music Theory & Sight Reading – learning the basic blocks of music. Note identification, timing, & solfege.

Correct Diction – proper articulation for English & Italian Art Songs

Performance – the ins and outs of how to walk in and on stage, stand, and hold yourself with confidence.

Interpretation & Repertoire – how to accurately portray songs in English, Italian, & Musical Theater.

At the end of the student’s participation in Prep Academy, they will have the necessary skills to successfully audition and thrive in Elite Vocal Academy.

The Setup

Every Week:
1 hr Voice Class with no more than 8 students.

Once a Month:
The hour Voice Class is extended to an 1½ hours. The additional half hour will be rotating between, theory/sight reading & performance.

½ hr Private Voice Lesson every other week (for an additional fee on a limited availability).


$100 per month (Sept-May) *

* Add-On Private Voice Lesson: $50/mo

½ hr lesson, every other week
In the private voice lesson students hone specific techniques and work to polish specific pieces. Classes are tailored to what each individual student needs. Specific music selections are assigned that fit the student’s specific vocal timbre and skill. They further practice the techniques they learn in voice class on their own individual songs with one-on-one coaching.

Requirements for Prep Academy

Commitment – Students are required to practice a minimum of 3 hours a week and arrange their lives to attend all classes. Students are responsible to keep up with the course materials and stay current with instruction when they cannot attend a class in person. (Classes are videotaped and made available within 24 hours.)

Books – Each student is required to purchase a folk art song book, musical theater book and Italian art song book.

Zip Drive – Each student will need a minimum 8GB zip drive for the large music files of warm-ups and songs that they need to practice. The zip drive should be brought to each class & lesson.

Music Stand – Each student will be required to bring with them their own sturdy, portable music stand to voice class. Peak Music Stand

MISC FEES – A small concert fee for participation in the annual Elite Vocal Academy concert.