The Program

Elite Vocal Academy is a two-year vocal performance program designed to prepare students to succeed at their next step in musical education – college, university, conservatory or career. Training is delivered in a fun and nurturing fashion, designed to push students to be professional and succeed. Students receive instruction, and proficiency in direct proportion to their commitment in the following areas:

Vocal Technique – includes how to use the vocal chords correctly, how to relax and shape the body for best vocal sound, correct posture & breathing, gaining strength and stamina to execute proper phonation and vocal consistency, how to phrase a song (legato, sostenuto, staccato and marcato), proficiency at range extension, and vibrato.

Music Theory & Sight Reading/Ear Training learning how to read, sing, and understand music.

Correct Diction vowels, consonants and proper articulation for Italian, German, French and English Songs.

Performing – the ins and outs of how to walk in and on stage, stand, hold yourself with confidence including proper ways to audition and engage an audience in performance; how to make a piece of music come to life for a singer and an audience. Students also learn how to project their voice to the back of a room, concert hall and over an orchestra

Interpretation how to accurately portray songs in the four main classical singing languages of Italian, German, French, and English; this includes various styles: classical, musical theater, belt & jazz.

How to set visionary & realistic goals and achieve them!

At the end of the program each student will have the skills necessary to succeed in their next logical musical step and will possess a repertoire folder with the skill and experience to sing over 25 learned ‘performance ready’ songs.

The Setup

The program is two years long, during which students receive 2 ½ to 3 hours of instruction weekly, for 18 weeks per semester, with 2 semesters per year.

Every week:
1 hr voice class & 1 ½ hour class of Theory/Sight-reading, Vocal Performance, or Symposium (depending on week).

Every other week:
½ hr Private Lesson.
This is your time to work 1:1 with Julie on any of the areas in which you need more direction.

Class Descriptions

Voice Class

1hr a week (72 classes during the two-year program).
Students learn the majority of their vocal technique, breathing, posture, diction, interpretation, & phonation in this class. Every semester the students will practice their techniques on art songs & other musical genres such as musical theater, belt & jazz. Each semester also focuses on a specific language for correct diction, vowels and interpretation – Italian, German, English & French respectively. (Limited to 10 students a class.)

Theory / Sight Class

1 ½ hours on specified weeks (36 classes during two year program). In this class the students will learn the fundamentals of music theory and practice the ability of sight reading, which is reading and performing a piece of music or song in music notation that the performer has not seen before.

Performance Class

1 ½ hours on specified weeks (20 classes during the two year program). In this class the students will perform the songs they are learning in voice class & private lesson. Each receives coaching to refine their performance. Performance is done in a small, intimate and supportive group.


1 ½ hours on specified weeks (16 classes during the two year program). In symposium students learn a variety of subjects including how to pick an appropriate audition piece and how to be effective at learning, setting goals and achieving them. Several books on vocal pedagogy, performing, and successful habits will be studied and discussed.

Private Voice Lesson

½ hr every other week (36 lessons over the two year program). In the private voice lesson students hone specific techniques and work to polish specific pieces. Classes are tailored to what each individual student needs. Specific music selections are assigned that fit the student’s specific vocal timbre and skill. They further practice the techniques they learn in voice class on their own individual songs with one-on-one coaching.


$3,800 Full 2 Year Program 

Payment options:

Pay Annueal

2 Year Program
$2,000/ Yearly
  • ($4,000 total)
  • 2 payments of $2,000
Annual Payment

Pay Monthly

2 Year Program
$210/ Monthly
  • ($4,200 total)
  • $210 down + $210/mo for 19 months
Monthly Payment

Payment options will open a new tab for checkout through PayPal.

Annual & Monthly options both require a payment subscription agreement.

Requirements for Elite

Application, Audition & Interview –
Students must complete an application and attend an interview and audition. This is to ensure the student is committed and ready for the fast-paced learning that takes place at Elite Vocal Academy. There is a $20 application fee to audition.

Commitment – Students are required to practice a minimum of 5 hours a week and arrange their lives to attend all classes. Students are responsible to keep up with the course materials and stay current with instruction when they cannot attend a class in person. (Classes are videotaped and made available within 24 hours.)

Books – Each student is required to purchase the approved theory book(s), sight reading book, English art song book & foreign language music books (during the semester of that language.) There will also be a few reading books that will be required.

Zip Drive – Each student will need a minimum 8GB zip drive for the large music files of warm-ups and songs that they need to practice. The zip drive should be brought to each class & lesson.

Music Stand – Each student will be required to bring with them their own sturdy, portable music stand to voice class. One I recommend is the Peak Music Stand (not an affiliate link).

Misc. Fees – A small concert fee for participation in the annual Elite Vocal Academy concert. There will be opportunities for students to attend Operas and concerts with their class. These are optional, but highly encouraged.